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The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is the hub for the nation’s leading information technology professionals. With major IT companies such as Infosys, HAL, Wipro, and ISRO headquartered in the city, Bengaluru has it all. Bengaluru is the only city that has claimed the title of the most developed and progressive cities in the country. This city has been abundantly blessed with a pleasant climate, high-spirited drinking, and exclusive shopping scenes. Yes, any creature of comfort will surely enjoy every bit of this city. Mix with the locals over a drink or just spend some alone time at a cafe near by, nothing is too much for Bengaluru and the best way to savour the charms is to rent a car in Bangalore.

There has been massive development over the past decades. But the essence of the city is still intact, nothing could take that away, not even the congested traffic.

How to get around Bengaluru ?

Yes, the city is crowded. At every corner you will spot an IT professional rushing through to get to work or another meeting. But don’t let this dishearten you. Traveling within the city is made simpler by My Car & Driver in India, rent a car services.

We offer car rental services that make it easier to commute within the city and travelling around to visit places like Mysore, Hampi or Goa. Simply come to our website and choose the best feasible option for you to make your visit memorable.

Whether traveling for work or leisure, we cover a all places in Bengaluru that are a must visit:

  • National Gallery of Modern Art: Former vacation home for the Raja of Mysuru, this century year old mansion now showcases an impressive collection of art.
  • Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath: Calling all the art lovers to witness to view the permanent display of Mysuru paintings and tribal art.
  • Krishnarajendra Market: For those who want to visit old Bengaluru aka Bangalore, this market is the best place. The highlight of this market is the flower market.
  • Cubbon Park: Situated in the business district, this park is situated on a 120-hectare land. Apart from the well-kempt garden, the attraction of this place is the State Central Library.
  • Bangalore Palace: The private palace of the royalty of Bangalore, the Wodeyars, visit the place to get a taste of the truly luxurious lifestyle.

My car and driver in India 

With the buzzing technology parks to the culture heritage, Bengaluru will not disappoint. If you want to travel within the city, then the ideal option is traveling by car. Hire a car in Bengaluru with my car and driver and attend your work on time or simply tour the city without having to lift a finger.

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