Rent a car for Rajasthan Tour 24 February 2018

wind palace during our Rent a car for Rajasthan Tour

Literally known as the Land of Kings, it one of the largest states of India. A jewel in India’s crown, it is a truly magical state, right from fairy tale palaces, enormous forts, and regal wildlife, this is India at its best. The best way to visit is to rent a car for Rajasthan tour.

Looking for rent a car for Rajasthan tour ? At My Car & Driver in India, we give you multiple options to complete your tour in this vibrant state.

  • Rent a car for the visit of Golden TriangleRanked at one of the best travellers triangle, is the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Why is it called the triangle? It begins at Delhi, then Taj Mahal in Agra, and ends at Jaipur. As it is rightly said that until you have not ridden on a camel, witnessed culture at the forts, or slept like a true royal in the palaces, you haven’t enjoyed Jaipur. My Car & Driver in India car rental services offers exclusive deals in the Rajasthan tour.
  • MonumentsThe one thing that is sure to grab your attention when touring Rajasthan are the magnificent palaces and forts. Situated atop mountains, these forts are majestically sitting there still defying their enemies. Authentic marbles and stones adorn these forts and palaces, with fountains flowing in the courtyard. My Car & Driver in India will provide rent a car services that will take to you all these places without any hassle. Car rental in Rajasthan is convenient and easy.
  • Car Rental for Rajasthan Tour

Touring Rajasthan on your own can be tiring and exhausting. With my car and driver, you will find endless options for this tour. Choose from the range of cars, one that is ideally suited and travel with comfort. My car and driver, car rental services are well-equipped to navigate through the city. A few places that we cover during the tour are:

  • Jaisalmer fort: The only living urban center. This fort has witnessed many wars during its era. One of the must see forts in Rajasthan, the streets of this fort are adorned with bazaars, traditional music, and more.
  • Amber fort: Made with pink and pale yellow sandstones, this is a massive fort to be covered. Ride on an elephant back and enjoy the fort.
  • Pushkar camel fair: Visit the infamous Pushkar during the Kartika month and watch the Thar camel drivers swarm the place and enjoy Pushkar.

My Car & Driver in India for your Rajasthan Tour 

My Car & Driver in India is the only and proudly so the service in Rajasthan that helps make car rental easier.. Travel by car and enjoy the city like it should be, royally. Rent a car and roam the local bazaars, eat authentic Rajasthani cuisine and fall in love with the place. The car rental for Rajasthan tour by My Car & Driver in India are economical and covers the entire Rajasthan. We can also customize the packages for you to fit your requirement.
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