Rent a car for Gujarat Tour 24 February 2018

Somnath temple during our rent a car for Gujarat Tour

Rent a car for your Gujarat tour with My Car & Driver in India

The western state of India, also known as the ‘Jewel of Western India’, Gujarat is often the missed trail when traveling to Mumbai or Rajasthan. Gujarat is a jewel like it is rightly called. Once the home of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat has seen phenomenal growth over the last decades. From broad highways to clean streets, Gujarat seems to be getting it all right. Traveling to Gujarat is simple, but when visiting this place as a tourist, you will often miss seeing something. Therefore, it is ideal to rent a car for Gujarat tour. Car rental services by My Car & Driver in India will guide you through the busy streets of Gujarat to the interiors where no tourist has ever been before. Moreover, if you are planning to travel during the infamous season of Navratri, then be prepared to drown yourself in music and festivities.

Renting a car is simple, but finding the best rental option is difficult. Choose My Car & Driver in India to provide you the best services that no one in Gujarat can.

Places to visit during your Gujarat road trip :

  • Sun Temple: Built by the King Bhimdev I, this is said to be the Solanki Dynasty greatest monument. Visit during January and see the dance festival in the Sun Temple.
  • Uparkot Fort: Believed that Chandragupta the Mauryan emperor built this fort in 319 BC. Legend has it that Uparkot Fort once stood the 12-year siege.
  • Champaner: Quickly fallen to ruins upon completion, Champaner is said to house some of the beautiful mosques.
  • Shatrunjaya: A pilgrim site for the Jains, the entire hill is covered in temples built over 900 years ago. Visit the temple and soak in divinity and the view from atop.
  • Kutch: Visit during the months of December to February and witness one of the most popular festivals that ever happen in Gujarat, the Rann of Kutch festival. On a full moon night take a stroll on the white plains or simply enjoy the authentic cultural festival.

My car and Driver for your Gujarat Tour 

My car and driver offers custom and pre-existing packages for the Gujarat tour. Car rental is easier, economical, and safe. Simply pick a car of your choice, and start your journey. Do not fret with a map throughout the city, traveling by car, and with professional drivers will be enough.

Hiring a car is advisable, as there are many places in Gujarat that are a must-see, and many places that are waiting to be discovered. Our drivers know their way around all these locations, and you will know the essence of the Jewel of India.

Housing a rich mix of culture, modernism, and art, this state is on the travel-list of many. We, my car and driver, help you fulfill your dream. Pick a car of your choice, sedan or SUV, and we will guarantee best pricing deals. My car and driver car rental services are the best in town and easy to book. Visit our website for more details now!